A San Leandro personal injury attorney you can trust isn’t always easy to find. There’s the guys on late night TV, the recommendations from your neighbors, and there’s always the phone book. Unfortunately when it comes to needing the services of an injury lawyer, it’s usually because something really bad has happened, and you might need legal support sooner than later and not have enough time to interview countless legal teams.

We’re glad you’ve found this web page, and would like to introduce ourselves. The Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell have been serving Alameda County since 1931 with expert legal support that’s second to none. We’re a small team of two attorneys along with friendly and courteous support staff and are well known in the Bay Area for our expertise and ethics.

Joseph W. Campbell holds a “Preeminent” AV Peer Rating with Martindale-Hubbell and has represented clients in the Courts of all 58 California Counties and in the State’s Federal Courts, as well as in the Federal Courts of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Elizabeth B. Moreno joined the team in 2011, which expanded our services to Spanish speaking plaintiffs. Elizabeth specializes in California civil cases  including personal injury, workers compensation, and professional negligence cases.

If you are searching for a San Leandro personal injury lawyer, you need to hire a lawyer who will conscientiously and aggressively pursue your case. Whether you were in an automobile accident, injured on the job, or have experienced a tragic wrongful death of a family member or loved one, the Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell can help.

The personal injury legal arena is complex. Often, the defendant(s) are powerful people and/or corporations who believe they can bully you out of pursuing your case or convincing you to settle out of court for less than you deserve. This is why choosing the best San Leandro personal injury lawyer is so important. You need someone will stand right by your side and lead you every step of the way. It is rare to find a lawyer that is at once compassionate to your cause and situation but who is also willing to be tenacious and aggressive to ensure you are appropriately compensated.

In many cases, a victim of a personal injury law suit has incurred devastating physical, emotional, and financial damages. An accident has the potential to be life changing. Your journey towards a holistic recovery begins with choosing the right law firm to handle your case and deliver the closure you and your family require to move forward. The Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell will do just that.

Personal Injury Areas of Service

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries: Were you, or someone you loved, involved in a recent automobile or motorcycle accident ? More than 3 million auto accident-related injuries occur each year. Unfortunately, determining who is to blame and how victims should be compensated is not a straight forward statistic. Have you read the police report? Do you remember what you said at the time? Does the event seem like a blur? The Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell will make sure that the courts understand exactly what occurred during your accident and why you are entitled to compensation. We won’t let defense lawyers twist your words, or use the shock of your experience to take advantage of your situation.

Professional Negligence. We have handled some of the most shocking and devastating examples of medical and professional negligence imaginable. The scariest thing about these cases is that businesses who are at the highest risk for causing negligent damage are also exceptionally adept at cleaning the situation up as quickly as possible. Our San Leandro Law Firm will ensure that every detail is examined backwards and forwards. We will re-create your case in detail to place the responsibility right where it belongs – with them! If you are a patient or client who has suffered as a result of medical or professional negligence, we are here to help you move forward and get the respect your case deserves.

Third Party Claims. Did you know that Workers Compensation may not be your only outlet for justice and financial compensation if you are injured on the job? In certain cases, especially those where a non-employed individual or entity is involved, you may have the right to pursue what is called a Third Party Claim. In addition to helping to facilitate your Workers Compensation Claim, we can make sure that all parties involved in your personal injury case are held accountable.

Wrongful Death. Wrongful Death suits are one of the most difficult life scenarios imaginable. We honor that what you are going through is an unbelievable and extraordinary event. We also know that the negligence of the wrongful party makes it that much more painful. Our San Leandro personal injury lawyers work closely and carefully to guide you through the legal process in order to honor the life of your loved one, as well as to help you receive financial compensation to repay you for medical costs and to provide the financial assistance which can help the family move forward in their grief. We realize that no amount of money or “guilty” verdicts can bring back the one you love, but we have witnessed that when justice is served, there is a sense of closure and finality which helps our clients to begin moving forward again.

Government Tort Liability. If you have been wronged by an agency of the local, state, or federal government, you may feel like there is no hope. How on earth do you fight the people who create the laws? Fortunately, our legal system still prevails and you can, indeed, “Fight City Hall.” In many ways, it is your civic duty to fight injustices – most especially when they are at the hands of the government. When we win your case, it will serve as a future statute and reference for future victims. We will help you organize your case and present the facts in a manner which allows the government agency to be made accountable for their actions.

Premises Liability. If you have incurred an injury or personal damages related to illegal or dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, you may have a Premises Liability Case. You are especially vulnerable if the accident occurred on public property. Sometimes, in a moment of embarrassment or confusion, we answer, “I’m fine.” or “It was my fault that I tripped…” and these words can be held against you in a court of law, even though you are a victim. Hiring a San Leandro personal injury lawyer will ensure you are not taken advantage of. We’ll see that your case is presented in a logical and responsible manner so that you can receive adequate compensation, and the unsafe and/or illegal conditions are remedied to prevent future harm to others.

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The Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell has specialized in the area of Personal Injury Law for more than 75 years. Although we are competent to serve all areas of the legal realm, we feel that professional and expert representation for victims of wrongful accidents is crucial to upholding our nation’s legal system. Let us help you to take action against the entities who have wrongfully caused you pain.