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Ride-Sharing: Cautions for Consumers

There is no denying the popularity of Ride-Sharing Applications in the Bay Area and throughout the country. Lyft, Uber and their ever-growing roster of imitators and competitors are supplanting taxis, limousines and even many private cars. These companies are leading the way to a universe of self-driving

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Bicycle Safety and Ice Cream – A Cool New Concept in Alameda

What Makes You More Mad? You’re driving your car down a city street and come to a stop at a light. While you are patiently waiting a young guy on a bike comes flying past you right through the red. He’s wearing no helmet and has no

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Danger on the Dinner Plate – Food Poisoning and Your Legal Rights

None of us expects to be injured by eating a meal. This is especially true when we purchase our food from a reputable market or dine at an ostensibly clean restaurant. Yet the perils of poison in our food seem to be on the increase as can

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An Update on Injuries to the Brain (TBI and CTE)

The Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell represents victims of all manner of trauma. One of the most devastating is an incident which results in injury to the brain, seen most often in direct blows to the head. Over the last year the practice has confronted this

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Alameda’s Guardians of Justice

The Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell in 2010 was the only Alameda-based law firm recognized by our  Bar Association as one of eleven in the County as a “Guardian of Justice.”  These big and small firms were responsible for funding in a significant way the operations of

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Alameda’s Courthouse Becomes Family Law Center

On January 18, 2011, Alameda’s  Courthouse on Shoreline Drive will become a Family Law Center for the County Court system.   All three courtrooms will be used solely for family law hearings such as dissolution (divorce)  trials, child and family support proceedings , and related matters. All of the Family Law

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Bill Raimondi – An Alameda Legend

As the San Francisco Giants celebrate their first World Series win, we are reminded how many Bay Area athletes have starred in the Major Leagues over the years. Alameda itself has a rich roster of players… from Dick Bartell and Chris Speier to more recent  stars like

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