What Makes You More Mad?

You’re driving your car down a city street and come to a stop at a light. While you are patiently waiting a young guy on a bike comes flying past you right through the red. He’s wearing no helmet and has no lights on even though the sun hasn’t poked over the horizon.

Or this: you consider yourself a responsible bicyclist. Riding is not only fun but you use this way to get to work or run errands. You know that bike riders are expected to obey the Rules of the Road and you do. Then one day after you signal to make a right turn a motorist oblivious to your presence careens right at you nearly knocking you onto the pavement.

There are more and more bicycles on the road every day yet it seems like both car drivers and bike riders have a hard time sharing the road. As a result, the incidence of bike accidents is on the rise. And usually, as with motorcycles, the “loser” of an auto/bike collision is usually the latter.

Personal injury cases involving bicyclists often involve broken limbs, lots of medical bills, and time off work. So if you depend on your two wheels to get you where you want to go it makes sense to minimize your risk.

bike-safety-alamedaKudos to the Alameda Police Department who initiated a Bike Safety Program in November. Police officers have been supplied with wooden tokens which are being distributed to Middle and High School bicyclists who use their helmets, stop at lights and stop signs, and walk their bikes across a crosswalk. The token will get you some ice cream at the famous Tucker’s ice cream store on Park Street as an incentive to keep up the safe work.

As a complement to the “rewards” program, the Department has also begun a bike traffic school where you can learn or remind yourself of safe bike riding rules in lieu of receiving an expensive ticket.

For more information contact Alameda Police Department or Bike Alameda, or see this article from the Alameda Journal.

If you are involved in a serious bicycle accident the Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell can help you. Try to save any equipment damaged in such an incident, insist on a police report and obtain the insurance information from anyone else involved.

Thanks to Tuckers Ice Cream and APD for this effort to make the roads a little safer for everyone.