The Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell in 2010 was the only Alameda-based law firm recognized by our  Bar Association as one of eleven in the County as a “Guardian of Justice.”  These big and small firms were responsible for funding in a significant way the operations of the Bar’s Voluntary Legal Services Corporation (VLSC) .

VLSC, among other functions, conducts clinics throughout the year on topics like bankruptcy and divorce law.  Those who cannot afford a lawyer can receive intensive education and training on these subjects and many others.

The need for voluntary legal aid is especially vital when the economy is hurting.  This can be seen in a dramatic way by looking at the kinds of lawsuits that our being filed in the Bay Area courts.  We are seeing a tidal wave of actions being brought by banks, collection agencies and credit card companies against customers who fall behind on payments because they have been laid off from work.

Information about how the Bar Association is trying to improve access to legal services to the residents of Alameda County can be viewed in detail at The Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell strongly supports the efforts of the Bar and is honored to be named as one of  the eleven ” Guardians of Justice”.